Amethyst Candle Holder

Amethyst Candle Holder


WOW look how AH-MAZING!  This listing is for the raw Brazilian Amethyst geode candle holder pictured above.

Amethyst is a power stone. It has been said to alleviate mental stress by providing a calming effect. It also promotes an overall sense of happiness and well-being.  

Amethyst also helps promote healthy sleep patterns; it can be placed on a nightstand or anywhere in the bedroom.

This sparkles incredibly when used with tea light candles, I will include one.

Do not leave this or any candle burning unattended! Obviously.

Measurements 6" long x 5" wide

Makes a wonderful gift to anyone who collects or appreciates beautiful gemstones, or beautiful things in general.

Gemstones belong in every room of your home!

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