Beaded Gemstone Bracelet - Brown Zebra Jasper

Beaded Gemstone Bracelet - Brown Zebra Jasper


This is a great neutral piece!  Rich, creamy browns envelop these stones for a classic look that can be worn every day!


These are Brown Zebra Jasper gemstones.  This stone is one of perfect balance; ying and yang, dark and light.  It encourages optimism and understanding.


This is gorgeous enough to wear alone, but would also compliment many other bracelet stacks- the possibilities are endless!


-Stretch Bracelet


The item you see is the one you will receive. Select your size and it will be resized if necessary to fit YOU perfectly!

Small: 6-6.5 inches
Medium: 7-8 inches
Large: 8.5-9 inches


Don't know your size? Simply wrap a ribbon or string around your wrist. Then measure the piece you have and - VOILA!

If you're buying this as a gift, no worries. It is a stretch bracelet and need not be an exact measure, so use your best judgement; is your special person small, medium or large?


There is only one of it's kind which makes it REALLY special.
No one in the world but you will have this to treasure- SWEET!

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