Chakra Aligning Crystal Necklace

Chakra Aligning Crystal Necklace


These gemstone points are super special!  They've got 7 tiny gemstones laid on to top of them such as healers would lay them on the body, representing our 7 chakras.  These are very spiritual and mystical pieces.


Available in 5 gorgeous colors:
ROSE QUARTZ is known as the "love stone" and has been said to aid in all dealings of love, and help ease emotional distress and anxiety. 
GREEN AVENTURINE has been said to attract luck and release old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place.
AMETHYST (Purple) is a power stone used for healing and cleansing.
OPALITE enhances intuition, promotes inspiration and assists with self-love as well as relationships with others.
CRYSTAL QUARTZ is known to be the most powerful meditation stones; good for concentration.
LAPIS LAZULI promotes clear understanding and intuition, and symbolizes inspiration and wisdom.


You don't have to be into stone healing or even know what a chakra is to enjoy these wonderful pieces though; just add them to your collection of gorgeous things!


-925 Sterling Silver 22" chain

Want it shorter?  Leave me a note at checkout with your desired length!

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