Witch Bottle - Crossing Over

Witch Bottle - Crossing Over


Witch balls have been a part of pagan tradition for many years.  Their purposes range based on what is inside. This is my version, in a bottle. 


The Crossing Over Witch Bottle is intended to assist lost loved ones (be they human, animal or other) to peacefully cross over into the afterlife.  It is a blessing for a peaceful rest and protection on their journey through spiritual transformation.  It also can provide comfort to those in mourning.  This bottle can be placed in, on, or near your loved one's grave, next to their picture or urn, on your bedside table, or any other special place you'd like to display it. Let your intuition guide you.  


If you chose to personalize this bottle, I will write your loved one's name and/or message on a scroll to be placed inside the bottle.  
If you have an idea for a different type of personalization, or addition you'd like to include in the bottle- feel free to message me and we can work together to make sure your bottle is perfect.


3.75" long x 1.5" wide x 4.5" tall


I have created this one using herbs and flowers used for centuries when honoring the deceased:

Bay Leaf - Protection, communication with lost loved ones
Elder Flowers - Transformation
Frankincense - Spiritual Transformation
Garlic - Protection from negative energy
Ivy - Rebirth
Lavender - Memories, peace
Lemon Balm - Immortality, happiness
Dried Lily Petals - Resurrection
Mint - Joy for those in mourning
Myrrh - Healing
Parsley - Luck in the afterlife
Periwinkle - Cheerfully known as "the flower of the deceased"
Poppy Petal - Restfulness for the deceased
Rosemary - Friendship, Happiness
Rose Petals and Rose Buds - Love
Sage - Wisdom
Wormwood - Transformation
Yew Branch - Immortality


I've adorned this one with a white ribbon for peace and purification, and a set of angel wings.

The cork is fixed in with white candle wax, and there is an Amethyst crystal (known for helping with restful sleep) on top.


Herbs are NOT meant for consumption. I create these items and you supply the magic.  Focus on your intentions and watch them unfold.