Crystal Bullet Necklace - Gold

Crystal Bullet Necklace - Gold


These are really RAD! Genuine Gemstone Crystals delicately placed within a bullet casing.. When I see these my thought is "something beautiful from something potentially dangerous", or a combination of the two.

Definitely a unique piece that will stand out, I constantly get compliments on mine!


CRYSTAL QUARTZ is known to be the most powerful meditation stones; good for concentration.
AMETHYST is a power stone used for healing and cleansing of all kinds.
TIGER'S EYE is effective in lifting depression and promoting concentration.
GREEN AVENTURINE attracts luck and releases old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place.
BLACK AGATE provides mental clarity ; it protects from stress and energy drains.
SMOKY QUARTZ brings inner calm to its possessor.  They help give renewed strength to overcome grief.
LAPIS LAZULI promotes clear understanding and intuition, and symbolizes inspiration and wisdom.
ROSE QUARTZ is know as the stone of love; know to assist in all matters of love in relationships and with one's self.
OPALITE is considered a lucky stone and is a symbol of eternal hope. 


Use it for it's healing properties or just add it to your collection of gorgeous things!
They make great gifts and come packaged ready for giving.
Everyone should have gemstones in their life, they give off amazing energy and positive vibes.


-24 inch Gold Plated Chain 
-Gold Plated Bullet Casing 


Want it shorter?  Leave me a note at checkout with your desired length!

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