Crystal Garden Terrarium

Crystal Garden Terrarium


I adore gemstones and crystals and am fascinated by their beauty and metaphysical healing powers.  So, I decided to create a terrarium that they could live in and be displayed beautifully while not in use.  This means that the crystals can be removed and placed back in whenever (and however) you like!


*Terrarium Dimensions*
6.5" long x 5" wide x 2" tall


What's inside?!

A Labradorite Crystal Pipe! *Intended for legal use and decoration only* 

Cut with extreme precision, this gorgeous piece measures 4.5" long and 1.25" wide at it's widest point.  I highly recommend using this for decoration only, however, if you decide to use it, make sure you clean it thoroughly as there could still be particles and dust inside from when the stone was cut. Extra screens and pipe cleaner included as novelty.


Labradorite is a crystal said to help with self-discovery, it is excellent for awakening one's own awareness of inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities.  Place this stone somewhere it is seen everyday to be optimally enjoyed!  It is a stone for the throat chakra.


Rose Quartz- This is the lovely pink crystal pyramid. It is known as the "love stone" and has been said to aid in all dealings of love, and help ease emotional distress and anxiety.


Fluorite - The tiny green crystal pyramid.  This stone can range from purple to green and everything in between.  This stone will make all the other stones in the garden even more powerful. It helps to open the way for the power of other stones to be effective. Fluorite also absorbs and neutralizes negative energy.


Amethyst- You gorgeous violet crystal cluster.  Amethyst is a power stone used for healing and cleansing; helping to improve concentration and confidence. It also helps promote healthy sleep patterns when placed bedside.


These are placed inside of an antique hinged beveled glass jewelry box with a magical unicorn etched onto the lid. 


Lining the bottom is dried moss, artificial flowers, a vintage key, dried rose buds and pinecones. 

PLEASE NOTE: The glass jewelry box is an antique. Along with it's beauty also comes age, and she may have tarnished a bit it some areas. All of this is shown in the photos and I assure you, only adds to the nostalgia and uniqueness of the Crystal Garden.


Herbs/flowers are NOT meant for consumption.


You will need to assemble this upon arrival (which is actually really fun!).  This will infuse all of the materials with your own energy.


This is ONE of a kind.  Grab this beauty before she's gone!


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