Crystal Garden Terrarium

Crystal Garden Terrarium


I adore gemstones and crystals and am fascinated by their beauty and metaphysical healing powers.  So, I decided to create a terrarium that they could live in and be displayed beautifully while not in use.  This means that the crystal can be removed and placed back in whenever you like!


*Terrarium Dimensions*
4.5" long x 3" wide x 2.5" tall


Here's what's inside:

Crystal Quartz Cluster:  It is known to be the most powerful meditation stone; good for concentration and clearing out bad energy. 

Lining the inside is dried moss, pine cones, artificial flowers, dried rose buds, star anise, and a hidden key!


No care needed- just love and the occasional dusting.


This garden assists anyone focusing on obtaining spiritual balance on all levels.  It will promote a clear mind and clear heart; sending positivity, peace, patience and deterring negativity.


This is ONE of a kind.  Grab this beauty before she's gone!