Crystal Spell Dust

Crystal Spell Dust


These tiny bottles of crystal dust will help enhance any spell you are doing. Just sprinkle a little in to the ingredients you already have, or use as an offering if you are calling upon a deity. You can put this dust in sachets or talismans, or simply sit it on your altar or anywhere else you like! Each bottle is adorned with a charm representative of it's magickal properties, as well as a small tag reading it's name and brief description of uses.

Garnet - Love, Lust, Creation

Angelite - Communicating with angels and ancestors, astral travel, guidance, divination

Green Aventurine - Luck, Growth, Financial Gain, Opportunity

Black Tourmaline - Protection from negativity energies and psychic attack


Pink - Rose Quartz - Love; self love, love in relationships and friendship, anxiety & depression relief


Purple - Amethyst - Healthy sleep patterns, confidence, well-being, visions, psychic powers


White - Crystal Quartz - clarity, clear thinking, focus, most powerful of the crystals, amplifies other crystals

These tiny jars are approximately 1.25" tall by 1" wide and are secured with a cork.

A little bit of this dust goes a long way!

**NOT for consumption**