Florida Water 7.5 oz

Florida Water 7.5 oz


Florida Water has been used since the late 1800's.  It is known for having multiple uses; you could call it the Witch's Holy Water.  Put a little on your third eye spot on your forehead , wrists or the back of your neck.  It can be added to ritual baths or used as an offering.  Mix with water and use as a cleaner and room spray for protection and to cleanse the energy in your home.


The scent is light; a mixture of citrus and floral such as lemon, lavender, cloves and bergamot- just lovely.


Florida Water acts as a purifier, a cleanser and a blessing.  It will leave you and your space feeling and smelling refreshed and renewed. 


Each bottle is $8.00 each.


Please read the ingredients on the label shown above in case of allergens.

Do not ingest.