Healing Crystal Garden Terrarium

Healing Crystal Garden Terrarium


I adore gemstones and crystals and am fascinated by their beauty and metaphysical healing powers. So, I decided to create a terrarium that they could live in and be displayed beautifully while not in use. This means that the crystals can be removed and placed back in whenever (and however) you like!


*Terrarium Dimensions*
7.5" long x 4.75" wide x 3" tall


This garden will bring peace and serenity to your home and workplace (not to mention a wonderful conversation piece!). It would do best in a common area- safely sitting on a table or shelf for all to admire. Perfect for a coffee table, desk or bookshelf. It will soothe all of the souls who come into contact with it.


What's inside?!


Rose Quartz: This is your pretty pink pyramid. Rose Quartz is known as the "love stone" and has been said to aid in all dealings of love, and help ease emotional distress and anxiety.


Green Aventurine: This is the gorgeous green pyramid. Green Aventurine has been said to attract luck and release old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place.


Fluorite: These are the two green/purple towers. Fluorite helps ground your energy and improve your focus. It also assists is accessing deeper awareness and promotes spiritual growth.


Labradorite: HOLY FLASH! This is the grayish tower with the electric blue stripe down the side. Labradorite is a crystal said to help with self-discovery, it is excellent for awakening one's own awareness of inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities.


Celestite: This is the heavenly blue cluster. Celestite is a great tool for meditation. It is a calming and uplifting stone that aids in mental clarity. It is also know as the stone of the angels (its name originating from "celestial"; of or from the sky) as it is said to strengthen connections to the angel realm and the guardians within.


These are placed inside of an eight-sided beveled glass vintage jewelry box! Lining the inside is dried moss and herbs, various artificial flowers and an antique key.


It will look positively amazing no matter where you put it!!


The fun part: The gems are not permanent in their places, some are fixed with velcro (one side on the crystal and the other in the garden). This is so you can hold them and love them and cherish them.

It also keeps them protected during shipping as they will be wrapped individually. (Handy!)

This is ONE of a kind. Grab this beauty before she's gone!


PLEASE NOTE: The glass jewelry box is an antique. Along with it's beauty also comes age, and she has tarnished a bit on the corners and has had to be reinforced in some areas. All of this is shown in the photos and I assure you, only adds to the nostalgia and uniqueness of the Crystal Garden.


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