Hidden Keepsake Necklace

Hidden Keepsake Necklace


Who doesn't love tiny boxes?


These have and intricate detail all around them, a crystal on either side, and an ornate bail.


You can use this to carry little amulets or ritual remnants with you. You could use it to hold the hair of a loved one, ashes, a small bit of herbs, tiny crystals, affirmations, prayers or a secret...use your imagination!


Amethyst - creates a protective shield of light around the body, calming the mind helping the wearer to feel grounded and clear. It also helps protect against psychic attack and assists with healthy sleep patterns.


Green Onyx - Helps to relieve stress, anxiety and worry; a soothing stone.


Black Onyx - works on the psyche- deflecting negative energy and promoting inner harmony. It has also been said to promote self-confidence and success. A protection stone.


925 Sterling Silver pendant and chain.

18" rope style chain with a lobster claw clasp.

Pendant is 1.5" long including the bail and approx .25" wide.