Labradorite Poison Ring

Labradorite Poison Ring


I know you Witches are loving these!


Poison rings have been around for centuries.  Their dark and mysterious nature is due to the hidden compartment carrying the wearer's secret item. And that they were used to carry actual poison in times past.


This one is sterling silver and is adorned with a 5x7 mm Labradorite crystal encircled by a Celtic cross design.


Labradorite is an amazing stone that has hues of blues and yellows hidden within it as if light and magick is being held inside! It improves intuition and clarifies views and objectives. Labradorite also stimulates the imagination, improves memory and has calming effect.


You can use this to carry little amulets or ritual remnants with you. You could use it to hold the hair of a loved one, a small bit of herbs, tiny crystals or a secret...use your imagination!


*Do not actually carry poison in this ring*