Mini Protection Vial

Mini Protection Vial

Witch balls have been a part of pagan tradition for many years.  Their purpose is to protect from evil and harm. This is my version, in a mini vial to keep with you!  

I have created this one using all natural materials known for deterring negative energy and warding off evil.  This bottle will also protect you from psychic attacks and other malevolent intentions.

You can keep this:
-in your car
-in your purse or backpack 
-in or under your pillow
-your overnight bag
-your carry-on
-your pocket
-in your desk
-anywhere! Let you intuition guide you.

The size is good for both convenience and discretion.

3" tall x 1" wide

Here's what's inside:

Himalayan Sea Salt
Rose Petals
White Sage

I've adorned this one with an evil eye charm; a symbol known for centuries to combat evil.

The cork is fixed on with melted white candle wax and there is a Rose Quartz crystal on top!

Herbs are NOT meant for consumption.

****Please note, due to the nature of these herbs, all bottles will have slight variations from the pictures but beautiful nonetheless****