Moon Goddess Crystal Garden Offering Bowl

Moon Goddess Crystal Garden Offering Bowl


This is an enchanting moon goddess offering bowl crystal garden.

She is an iridescent midnight blue, picking up hues of purple in different lighting- magical!

On one side, she shows us the phases of the moon, grain across her belly and beautiful Celtic work on the bowl.  On the other side are lovely little stars and moons.  She wears an evil eye protection necklace and belt of twine carrying an antique key.

You can use this as your crystal and herbal offering to your gods/deities.

The bowl contains:

-A Crystal Quartz cluster. As one of the most powerful crystals, it assists with concentration and grounding which is great for meditation.

-A piece of Star Anise - wards off the evil eye

-curly pods, pine cones and artificial flowers 

Only the Crystal Quartz cluster is removable.

She is made of resin and sits 6 and 1/2" tall.

This is an Abby Willowroot piece, painted and adorned by me <3