Ritual/Spell Candles

Ritual/Spell Candles


These little candles are known by many names; ritual candles, spell candles, chime candles, mini tapers, etc.  No matter what you call them they are perfect for any type of spellwork as they come in a  beautiful range of colors! Sold individually.


These are 1/2" in diameter and 4" tall.




White- Good to have for almost any spell for purification. Represents innocence, light, soul, stars, Air, East, snow, wind and winter.


Pink- The color for emotional love.  Romantic love spell, self-love, and to attract a soulmate or friends.  Can also be used to "sweeten" unpleasant situations. Represents South.


Red- For intense emotions and sexual energy. Lust, sex, temptation, seduction, sensuality, anger, rage, sacrifice and attraction.  Represents Fire and South.


Orange- Energy, vibrancy, motivation, willpower. A road opener in love, luck, success, and  business. Represents South.


Yellow- Hope, recovery, confidence, communication, happiness, charisma, obtain goals.


Green- Used for stimulating growth - wealth, gambling, reduce debt, increase earnings . Represents Earth and North.


Blue- Versitle, peaceful. Transforms anger and hate. Healing, protection, intuition, calls angels and guides. Represents Water and West.


Purple- Dreaming, mastering (studies, trades, sports, anything you want to master). Control, compel.


Black- Good for amost any spell, used for protection and dispelling negativity.  Represents North, ancestors, and boundaries.


Candle holder not included but is available for purchase!


100% cotton wick, 100% paraffin wax.


Never leave anything burning unattended.


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