Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Palm Stone

Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Palm Stone


These crystals feel DIVINE.  They are so smooth and rounded that they fit perfectly within the contours of the palm.  This is a Rose Quartz gemstone, one of my favorites.  It is a pastel pink color that makes you feel all warm & cozy inside with just a glance.

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Rose Quartz is the stone of love.  It has been said to strengthen friendships, combat love-sickness and open the mind to beautiful things.  It is most effective on the heart chakra.

This palm stone can be used to release any negative feelings and replace them with love and positive energy, or place it somewhere in your home that could use its good vibes.

This is also great for the office- it is nice to have something special to look at among the everyday 9-5 paperwork; this is the perfect item!  Rose quartz in particular may protect against headaches and eye fatigue associated with long hours in front of a computer.

Makes a wonderful gift to anyone who collects or appreciates beautiful gemstones, or beautiful things in general.

Gemstones belong in every room of your home!

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