Sea Garden Crystal Terrarium

Sea Garden Crystal Terrarium


This listing is for the unbelievably lovely Crystal Garden pictured above.  

I adore gemstones and crystals and am fascinated by their beauty and metaphysical healing powers.  So, I decided to create a terrarium that they could live in and be displayed beautifully while not in use.  This means that the crystals can be removed and placed back in whenever (and however) you like!

*Terrarium Dimensions*
3.75" Tall x 9.25" Wide x 5.75" Deep

Here's what's inside:

Caribbean Calcite - 2 blue towers, calming and soothing energy, clear communication and speaking your truth
Black Tourmaline in Quartz - 2 towers, white with black rod inclusions - energy enhancement, cleansing, protection, removes mental blocks
Selenite - 1 triangle, glowing white - insight, clear judgement, cleanses other crystals, items and environment of negative energy
Crystal Quartz - 1 tower, crystal clear - a master healer and amplifier of other crystals
Yemaya Statue - Goddess of the Sea and all its inhabitants

Lining the inside is a blue chip mix, seashells and stones from the NJ coastline, shark's teeth, curly pods and a secret antique key.  It's so magical and offers a very calming energy.

No care needed- just love and the occasional dusting.

This garden assists anyone focusing on obtaining spiritual balance on all levels.  It will promote a clear mind and clear heart; sending positivity, peace, patience and deterring negativity.

The fun part:  ALL of the pieces are wrapped separately.  This means you get to build the item yourself when it arrives; its a great way for you and your new crystal babies to get to know each other's energies!  Feel free to use my original layout, or create your own.  You can also change it up any time! 

This is ONE of a kind.  Grab this beauty before she's gone!