Silver Cuff Bracelet - Amethyst Stalactite

Silver Cuff Bracelet - Amethyst Stalactite


Helloooooo GODDESSES of all things mystical, magical and gorgeous!!! This listing is for the UNBELIEVABLE Amethyst Stalactite cuff bracelet pictured above.  It is truly a statement piece and you will feel its majesty the moment you slip it on.
It has a breathtaking Amethyst Stalactite resting on the top of a Sterling Silver Plated arm cuff.  It is quite comfortable once adjusted to size and is great for wearing all day or a special night out.  

This would be a great gift for yourself or any other goddess you know appreciative of one of a kind jewelry. The color is truly radiant and makes you feel like royalty; it is SO beautiful.

WOW Factor- YES!
Cuff is approx 3 inches long
Amethyst is a power stone used for cleansing and healing.  It replaces negative energy with positive energy and disperses good vibes.  Concentration & tranquility are some of its other attributes.
Stalactites are so mystical! They grow on the roof of caves from tiny droplets of mineral rich water, each drop creates a ring of calcite which forms the circular pattern within the stones. This is an Amethyst Stalactite.
Stalactites encourage inner growth, soul recognition and self-love, reminding us to always find the beauty within; as they are the beauties within their cave homes.

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