Witch Ball - Home Blessing

Witch Ball - Home Blessing


This ball is made using a high-quality plastic- rather than the super delicate glass previously used.


Witch balls have been a part of pagan tradition for many years.  Their purpose is to protect the home and its inhabitants from evil and harm.


You can hang this lovely ornament in a window, over a doorway, in a bedroom or even outdoors; wherever you feel it would serve its purpose the best.  It would look lovely as a Christmas or Yule decoration as well!


Approx 3" in diameter and 3/4" wide

I have created this one using:

Sprigs of Lavender to encourage a calm, peaceful environment

Chamomile Flowers to aid in relieving anxiety

Yarrow, Roses and Rose Quartz crystals to encourage self-love and love in relationships

Jasmine Flowers to attract wealth and sweet dreams

Cinnamon to draw happiness and comfort

You will also find:
-A sea shell and a shark tooth to incorporate the magic of the sea
-Curly pods because they are so cute!
-Cloves to attract good luck and prosperity
-Anise wards off the evil eye
-Other tiny crystals for added energy
-A bay leaf for protection


Simply hang and enjoy!


Herbs are NOT meant for consumption.


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