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Crystal Mushroom Garden Ornament


I adore gemstones and crystals and am fascinated by their beauty and metaphysical healing powers. So, I decided to create a terrarium that they could live in and be displayed beautifully.

These glass pyramid crystal garden terrarium ornaments are approximately 2.5".
The mushrooms are fixed in place and cannot be removed.
Each ornament has a ribbon for hanging.

What's inside?!

Each ornament features one crystal mushroom, dried moss, various dried and artificial flora, and a tiny key.

Amethyst- This is the purple mushroom. Amethyst is a power stone used for healing and cleansing; helping to improve concentration and confidence. It also helps promote healthy sleep patterns when placed bedside.

Green Aventurine- This is the green mushroom. Green aventurine calls in abundance, prosperity, new opportunities and successful business.

Unakite: This is the olive green and brick red colored mushroom. Unakite helps to heal old emotional wounds and balance the mind & spirit.

Herbs/flowers are NOT meant for consumption.

This can be hung for the holidays or all year round!

These are ONE of a kind. Grab one before they're gone!

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