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Crystal Tumbles


Black Tourmaline - Protection from uncomfortable or toxic environments. Deters negativity.
Clear Crystal Quartz - All-purpose healer, health, wealth, success, happiness.
Multi-color Fluorite - (Green/Purple/Clear/Gray) Harmony, balance, joy, self-confidence, concentration, decision making.
Green Aventurine - Luck, money, solutions, protection against accidents.
Yellow/Green Serpentine - Powerful spiritual awakening, expands the mind, restores confidence.
Red Tiger’s Eye - Aids in manifesting desires. Promotes focus, drive, motivation, and determination.
Gold Tiger’s Eye - Attracts opportunities and new beginnings. Expands consciousness. Pushes us onto a higher path.
Orange Carnelian - Creativity, independence, self-confidence, rekindles passion.
Peach Moonstone - Feminine Energy. Inner Clarity. Transformation. Calming and soothing.
Purple Amethyst - Antistressor, sleep, banishes fear, panic, anger, and negative energy.
Pink Rose Quartz - Self-love, relationships, peace at work & home, mending the past.

Approx. 0.5 - 1",
*Size, shape and color will vary slightly from stone to stone

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