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Crystal Bracelets


These stretchy crystal bracelets are a must have!
Choose your favorite color, use the meanings below, or let your intuition guide you...

1- Clear Crystal Quartz ~ All-purpose healer, health, success
2- White Selenite ~ Purity, peace, calm, clarity, clean energy
3- Black Tourmaline in Clear Quartz ~ Yin/Yang energies, release
4- White Rainbow Moonstone ~ Channeling intuition, power
5- Black Agate ~Protects from toxicity/negativity
6- Pink Rose Quartz~ Self-love & relationships, heart healer
7- Heart Chakra (Rose Quartz, Cherry Quartz & Garnet) ~ aligns/balances/heals heart chakra
8- Multi-color Fluorite ~ Harmony, balance, joy, self-confidence
9- Purple Amethyst ~ Antistressor, banishes fear and panic
10- Blue Lapis Lazuli ~ self-knowledge, self-truth, speaking
11- Red/Orange Carnelian ~ courage, power, passion, creativity
12- Gold Tiger’s Eye ~ New beginnings & opportunities
13- Yellow/Green Serpentine ~ Spiritual awakening, expands mind
14- Green Prehnite with Inclusions ~ Heals the healer, peace, protection, love
15- Green Aventurine~ Luck, money, solutions

8mm beads are larger than 6mm beads.

All bracelets stretch to approximately 7-8 inches.
Please contact me if you need a custom size!