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Custom Rice Necklace


If you were a kid in the 90's like me, these are giving you crazy nostalgia. I had to bring them back!

Instructions to order:
-Choose necklace and crystal from drop down
-Use the note field at checkout to indicate the name/s for the rice, if you would like a zodiac piece, if you would like a glow piece. You can do any combination of the 3 pieces as shown in the photos.

Here are some examples:
1 rice, 1 zodiac, 1 glow
2 rice, 1 glow
3 rice
1 rice, 2 glow
You can also just do one or two of the pieces. If this is confusing please don't hesitate to message me and we can work together to make it exactly how you want!

Here are the spiritual healing properties of the crystals:
Crystal Quartz - All-purpose healer, health, success
Rose Quartz - Self-love & relationships, heart healer
Green Aventurine - Luck, money, solutions
Aquamarine - encourages inner knowing and intuition
Lapis Lazuli - self-knowledge, self-truth, speaking
Carnelian - courage, power, passion, creativity
Tigers Eye - New beginnings & opportunities
Obsidian - Protects from toxicity/negativity
Citrine - positivity, joy, optimism, cheerfulness
Amazonite - alleviates fear and worry, dispels negativity
Garnet - promotes emotional balance
Amethyst - Antistressor, sleep, banishes fear, panic, anger, and negative energy.

This is a 1.25" vial filled with mineral oil.

The Stainless Steel chain is 18"
The cords are 16.5" with a 2" extender chain

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