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Witch Cats Oracle Deck - by Nicole Piar


"Much anticipated Oracle Deck consisting of 60 cards to help you awaken and claim your own magic.

Each card has a hand-painted, watercolor Witch Cat printed on one side and a poetic, healing message on the other.

▶ Card Size: 3.75”x3.75”

▶ Rigid, sturdy 2-part box with gold foil

▶ Rounded corners

▶ Thick, matte cards

The Witch Cats are here to help us merge fully with our Most Magical Selves - to embody our expansive, infinite, cosmic energy and wield it here on earth with the creativity, compassion and skill of a powerful magician.

The Witch Cats are adept in practical magic. They celebrate your authentic, burning desires and help you shake off the shackles of shame and should's. They meet you lovingly where you are and guide you to where you long to be." - Nicole Piar

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