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Coffin Crystal Garden


If you're into all things dark and moody, you will be entranced by this spooky crystal garden.

Here's what's inside:
Prehnite - This is the large green stone. Prehnite is said to be a healing stone for healers, good for people who are always putting others before themselves. It also assists with lucid dreaming and unconditional love.

Smoky Quartz - This is the large gray/brown point cluster, as well as the point in the center. Smoky Quartz helps with grounding and stability. It promotes positive thoughts and disperses fear.

Crystal Quartz - This is the crystal clear tower. Crystal Quartz is a master healer. good for concentration, clarity and meditation. It also helps to amplify the powers of surrounding crystals.

Fluorite - The two tiny mushrooms in the garden. Fluorite helps with balance and harmony, neutralizing stress and negative energy.

8" long x 4" wide x 2 ⅝" tall

These are placed inside of a coffin shaped glass box with a hinged lid. Lining the box is dried moss, pine cones, curly pods, and an antique gold key.

There is also a mini protection spell bottle. Feel free to keep it in the garden or take it with you. The crystals are not permanent in their places, which means the garden will need to be assembled on arrival. This is great for infusing the crystals with your own energy and intentions. It also means that you can take the crystals out and admire them whenever you like.

This item is ONE of a kind.