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Moon Goddess & Horned God Great Rite Statue


This statue is just captivating.

Here we have the horned god and moon goddess performing the Great Rite. Take in the wonderful detail of this piece. These two beings are sharing their magical energies and taking part in the most sensual and spiritual of experiences. Look at how their eyes are open, gazing deeply into each other's soul.

They sit in a circle, surrounded by symbols of their life, death, love and energy. I painted this piece using an iridescent green which picks up magic and light from every direction. Also used to adorn this statue, I've used dried moss, artificial and real dried flowers, and a key charm.

This is perfect for your altar or sacred space, a great way to represent the masculine and feminine energies and their unity and connection. Place it in the bedroom to encourage deep intimacy.

This statue is made of resin and sits 5.75" tall.