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Self Love Ritual Bath


Self-love and self-care is essential to quality of life.  In the busyness of today's world with all there is to do and take care of, we often forget to take care of ourselves or leave doing so for dead last.  This is counter-productive because in order to be your best self for the world and those you love, you must be sure you are taking care of yourself.  I have created this ritual bath to help bring you back to your center, to remind you to love and care for yourself in little ways every day.

Here's what's inside:

-Lavender oil infused Epsom salts: to purify, bless and cleanse (Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), Fragrance (Parfum), Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Linalool)

-Rose Petals and Rose Buds: provides protection, calls upon divine energies and most powerful flower for love spells

-Jasmine Flowers: promotes spiritual love and passion

-Lavender: helps to encourage a calm, peaceful environment.

-3 Rose Quartz Crystals: aids in healing the heart and beckons self-love

Draw yourself a nice warm bath, light some candles (red, white, pink or whatever you like- available for purchase!), and put on your favorite tunes.  This is all part of the ritual; setting the mood and your intentions.  Gently pour the contents of the jar into the bath in a clockwise circular motion, this will cast your circle for protection during your ritual. 

Feel free to engage in a little physical self-exploration during your ritual as it will only intensify your results. ;)

You may want to put some kind of netting or catch over your drain for easy cleanup afterwards.  You may also put some in a tea bag, muslin cloth or other porous bag if you would rather float the herbal mixture in your bath for easy clean up.  I will include an organza bag for you in case you'd like to go that route.

Keep your crystals: bedside, in a sacred place or your pocket to carry the intentions with you.

As for the ingredients left over after use, I recommend spreading them in the wind, or giving them back to the Earth by burying them.  If neither of these options are available, it is OK to dispose of them however you need to.

Do not ingest.

Please be mindful of any allergies you might have to the above ingredients.

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