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Abundance and Prosperity Spell Witch Bottle


Witch balls have been a part of pagan tradition for many years. Their purposes range based on what is inside. This is my version, in a bottle!

The purpose of this bottle is to call in abundance, prosperity, and new opportunities. It can also encourage successful business.

Great gift for yourself, someone on the hunt for employment opportunities, or a new business owner.

Place this Abundance Spell bottle in the area you are most likely to be focusing on your goals.

-Personalize your bottle! (Not required for purchase)
If you provide a birth year, I will do my best to find a penny from that year for the top of your bottle (not always available).
If you would like to leave a name/names/business name to be written on the $ bill inside of the bottle, please leave that info as well as the birth year under “Notes or instructions” field, found underneath the order total on the right side of the Checkout page.

3.75" long x 1.5" wide x 4.5" tall

I have created this one using herbs and flowers known for centuries to conjure abundance of all kinds:

Bay Leaves
Curly Pods
Basil Oil
A $1 bill
3 pennies

I've adorned this one with a green ribbon, the color of money and luck!

The cork is fixed in with white candle wax and there is a penny on top.

Herbs are NOT meant for consumption, nor are they meant to replace any medication. I create these items and you supply the magic. Focus on your intentions and watch them unfold.

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