Red Hot Passion Spell Witch Bottle

  • Red Hot Passion Spell Witch Bottle
  • Red Hot Passion Spell Witch Bottle
  • Red Hot Passion Spell Witch Bottle
  • Red Hot Passion Spell Witch Bottle

Witch balls have been a part of pagan tradition for many years. Their purposes range based on what is inside. This is my version, in a bottle!

In today's crazy busy, fast-paced world, seldom do we have (or take) the opportunity to take care of ourselves. This includes expressing ourselves sexually, which, after a long day of working, taking care of kids, cleaning the house, or whatever else keeps you occupied - one may find it almost impossible to find the desire for sex, amirite? Lacking self-love and self-esteem can also affect sexual energy, as do mental blocks, general anxiety, and yes, even generational curses.

I have created this bottle to assist with all of that - with the intention of bringing increased sexual energy to whomever may desire it. Place this bottle bedside, or wherever you enjoy sexy time, and let it help you manifest your erotic wishes.

Try creating your own ritual! Light some candles & incense (safely), play some music that makes you feel sexy, do a little dancing, indulge in some self-exploration should you so choose- YOU are the magic here, this bottle is but a tool.

-Personalize your bottle! (Not required for purchase)
If you would like the scroll inside the bottle to be personalized with a name/s, address, dates or a special message, please leave that info under “Notes or instructions” field, found underneath the order total on the right side of the Checkout page.

3.75" long x 1.5" wide x 4.5" tall

I have created this one using many items known for their connection to sexual energy as well as protection and love, and their ability to summon it:

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
Rose Petals & Rose Buds
Garnet Crystal Dust
Banana Stick
Hibiscus Flowers
Chili Peppers & Pods
Cinnamon Sticks & Oil
Pink "Angel Wings" Flower Petals
Red Casurina pods
A bay leaf

I've adorned this one with a red ribbon.

The cork is fixed with candle wax from a white protection candle and there is a chili pepper pod on top.

Herbs are NOT meant for consumption, nor are they meant to replace any medications.  I create the items and you supply the magic.  Focus on your intentions and watch them unfold.

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****Please note, due to the nature of these herbs, all bottles will have slight variations from the pictures but beautiful nonetheless****