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Depression and Anxiety Relief Spell Witch Bottle


Witch balls have been a part of pagan tradition for many years. Their purposes range based on what is placed inside. This is my version, in a bottle!

The best place for this bottle is wherever you experience bouts of depression, anxiety or negative thoughts. You can place this bedside, on your desk, in your living room, or move it around. There is no wrong place. Let your intuition guide you. If you feel it comforting, hold the bottle in both hands while sitting in a quiet place, breathe calmly and think your happy thoughts.

-Personalize your bottle! (Not required for purchase)
If you would like the scroll inside the bottle to be personalized with a name/s, address, dates or a special message, please leave that info under “Notes or instructions” field, found underneath the order total on the right side of the Checkout page.

3.75" long x 1.5" wide x 4.5" tall

I have created this one using:

Lavender herb to encourage a calm, peaceful environment.

Rose buds, rose petals, and Rose Quartz crystals to encourage self-love.

Fennel seeds for strength, healing and courage.

Frankincense promotes peace and calm, good for anxiety and stress relief.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt helps to removes stagnant or negative psychic debris from your energy, assists you in releasing what no longer serves you, promotes cleansing and purification. Enhances feelings of peace, calm, happiness- and encourages relaxation.

Skullcap has been said to be calming and relaxing and has been used for cases of anxiety, insomnia, stress related conditions, panic attacks and depression.

Chamomile is associated with sleep, protection and purification. It has been known to bring a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Sage for self-purification, increased clarity and longevity.

Bay Leaf for protection.

Curly pods and casurina pods for cuteness!

I have anointed and blessed all of the herbs within with Lavender Oil to amplify the magic of the herbs within.

I've adorned this one with a fleur de lis charm. It represents life, light and purity.

The cork is shut with white candle wax drippings, and tied with a white ribbon for protection. There is a Rose Quartz stone on top!

Herbs are NOT meant for consumption, nor are they meant to replace any medications. I create the items and you supply the magic. Focus on your intentions and watch them unfold.

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