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Protection From Evil Witch Bottle


Witch balls have been a part of pagan tradition for many years. Their purposes range based on what is placed inside. This is my version, in a bottle!

The purpose of this bottle is to protect someone/s from harm, psychic attack, and toxic environments.

The best place for this protection bottle would be wherever you intuition guides you. Some good options would be near the front door of your home, your bedside table, your altar or sacred space, your workplace, or your car.

-Chose your preferred charm.

-Personalize your bottle! (Not required for purchase)
If you would like the scroll inside the bottle to be personalized with a name/s, address, dates or a special message, please leave that info under “Notes or instructions” field, found underneath the order total on the right side of the Checkout page.

3.75" long x 1.5" wide x 4.5" tall

Pink Himalayan Salt provides protection from evil in and around the home.
Garlic wards off the Evil Eye.
Rosemary is known for purifying the environment after being exposed to negative or chaotic energy and protecting from evil spirits (living or deceased).
Basil calls in good fortune.
Cloves can banish evil and provide clarity.
Mint Leaves help to protect as well as repel unwanted energies.
Cinnamon Sticks help with third eye activation which promotes awareness and intuition.
Chamomile Flowers encourage a peaceful atmosphere.
White Sage (ethically obtained from a sustainable source) is known to purify and cleanse a space.
Star Anise to avert evil, purify, protect and to represent the five points of the star shape (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit).
Bay Leaf to break any curses, communicate to the spirits (the good ones), cleanse energy and banish negativity.
Crystal Quartz Gems to amplify the power of the ingredients in the bottle.

There is a scroll inside the bottle which has a protection sigil inscribed on it. You can choose to have this personalized with your name as well.

I have anointed and blessed all of the herbs within with Tea Tree Oil which helps to clear and purify the environment.

You have the choice of the gold pentacle charm (a symbol of Witches, the elements, and protection), or, the silver Evil Eye charm (to ward off evil). The charm is strung on a black ribbon, the most protective color.

The cork is shut with white candle wax drippings for protection and there is a Black Obsidian gem on top. Black Obsidian shields from psychic attacks and negativity.

Herbs are NOT meant for consumption, nor are they meant to replace any medications. I create the items and you supply the magic. Focus on your intentions and watch them unfold.

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