Custom Love Spell Candle Set

  • Custom Love Spell Candle Set
  • Custom Love Spell Candle Set
  • Custom Love Spell Candle Set
  • Custom Love Spell Candle Set
  • Custom Love Spell Candle Set

Looking to call love into your life? Want to celebrate new or existing love?
Let me make a love spell candle set just for you. They are tied together with twine and adorned with an antique key charm. The charm is selected at random.

These candles do not need to be burned in order to help manifest your desire. They are a lovely addition to any altar or other sacred space, adding beauty and charm.

However, if you want to burn them, please remove the twine and charm prior to doing so.
Be sure to read the disclaimer below.

*I have included a photo of how large the flames can get on these if burned*

These spell candles have been carefully and lovingly rolled in the following herbs known to call in healthy love:

-Rose Petals
-Bay Leaves

Underneath the herbs will be a runic formula carved into the candle, anointed with Rose Oil. A runic formula is a combination of runes (letters in an ancient magical alphabet) to manifest a certain intention. In this case the formula will be one to call in self love, healthy relationships, peace and passion.

You may also leave a name/s to be inscribed into a sigil (magical symbol) onto the candle, under the herbs as well. Please leave the name/s under the “Notes or instructions” field, found underneath the order total on the right side of the Checkout page. Not required for purchase.

These candles are 5" High x 0.5" in diameter.

DISCLAIMER, PLEASE READ: If burned, these candles must be placed in an appropriately sized candle holder and placed on a fire proof/heat resistant dish. The herbs will burn along with the candle, but may spark, crackle or cause a large flame and you will want to be able to catch any fall off. These and all candles should never be left unsupervised; always keep them in your sight. Keep burning candles away from children, pets, drafts, vents, ceiling fans and anything that could catch fire. If you are unable to let it burn down completely- do not blow it out as this could cause ash to fly. Snuff out the flame. If you choose to burn these, it is at your own risk.

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